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Clubs at STHS
Clubs at Springwater are inspired by students and evolve and change each school year, depending on student interest. Below are examples of some of our clubs throughout the years:

GSA: A safe spot for both learning and exploring queer history, discussions, and figuring out how to be better allies.
Air Hockey Club: Want to play air hockey during lunch? Come join our club the last 20 minutes of lunch! No more than 10 people at a time.
Foosball Club : Tournaments, and learning how to play.
Games Club: Play boardgames card games, hangout and try new things.
Gardening Club: Do you like gardening? Well come to the garden Thursday’s after school.
Investment Club: Come and have fun and play games.
K-Pop Club: A fun entertaining after school club for anyone that’s into k-pop, there will be activities, games and other stuff.
LatinX Club: A club for students in the school who want to get educated on the background of LatinX culture. There will be games, celebrations and cultural events.
Minecraft club: Come join the club in Gerard’s room to play Minecraft. We will have a set server and play on it only during the club.
Weight Lifting and Boxing Club: A new club is open for weight room dwellers and boxing lovers. Meeting on Thursdays every week is the "wrab" club. If you'd like work out or learn some techniques, then join us.

Student Activities
Students are invited to meet with Mrs. Herreid to plan school activities.