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Middle College

General Information

What is Middle College?

Springwater 2022-23 Middle College Application

Important dates if you are interested in attending Middle College for the 22-23 school year:

  • February 15th: Virtual Middle College presentation at Springwater 6:00 - 7:00pm.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  
  • February 17th: Apply for General Admission to MHCC by Thursday, February 17th. Within 1-3 days you will receive a unique student ID number.
  • February 22nd: College Placement test at STHS in computer lab
  • March 19th: Applications due.  Link to the Application : Springwater 2022-23 Middle College Application
  • March - April:  Applicants will meet indvidually with Mr. Blaszak and Ms. Centurion to review grades and attendance.   
  • April Conditional acceptance: Acceptance status shared with student applicants.

Middle College Important Dates