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If your student is going to be out for the day please call the office or send an email to and let us know along with the reason why. If your student is going to be out more than three days, you can email your student's teachers with a request for homework. If your student is going to be out of school for an extended period of time due to a vacation or some other event please have your student stop by the office to pick up a Pre-arranged Absence Form. If your student needs to leave school early or arrive late due to appointments please call the office or send a note with your student.

Under Oregon Law (Oregon Revised Statutes - ORS 339.065(2)) and district policy (JED), the only acceptable reasons to be absent from school are as follows:

1. Illness of the student

2. Illness of an immediate family member when the student's presence at home is necessary.

3. Family Emergency situations that require the student's absence.

4. Matters relating to a student’s disability - provide a copy of doctor’s note.

5. Medical or dental appointments - verification of appointments will be required.

6. Pre-arranged Absence: a) Religious holidays or events b) Family activities – 5 days per semester if the student has no more than 8 absences and a C grade or better in their classes. *Please note: Homework assignments may be requested only for those students who are absent from school for 3 or more days by emailing teachers. 

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